The Environment and Our Business


BACKGROUND OF THE INDUSTRY “ENVIRONMENT” AND WHY THIS PROJECT MATTERS As various countries of the world progress to achieve high-impact socio-economic goals such as improved standard of living, poverty eradication, reduced unemployment rate, and improved education and health care services, through industrialization, such improvement does not come without its own price. The price to pay […]

Environmental Issues in United States and Around the World

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Environmental Issues The earth- an embodiment of matter and organisms- is constantly experiencing various changes which are mostly due to anthropogenic or human activities. Human being, initially oblivious of his roles in causing these changes is faced with batteries of questions as regards the mother earth. Being curious about solving the earth challenges, scientists came […]

Environmental Analysis As A Business Plan Chapter

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Environmental Analysis INTRODUCTION In recent years, individuals, businesses, organizations, and various governments all around the world are working tirelessly to ensure the preservation of environmental components. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that important environmental resources and the mother earth resources as a whole are gradually been depleted due to incessant usage from during […]